Want or Need ~ Need or Want ~ Listen to what God is saying


I find I am the type of person who wants, wants, wants and does not always wait to hear what God is telling me to do.  I am fairly frugal when it comes to my finances but once in awhile, I get struck with “I WANT THIS NOW” attitude.  I can goes months or even years of managing my funds and then BONK over the top; out of no where, I am stuck in the mode of “I WANT THIS NOW”.  On top of it all, once I am in this mode, nothing changes my mind.  BIG mistake as it usually costs me more in the end.  I wonder how many others are like me.  This has really been a struggle and I decided to say, “yes, to God” I am going to listen to you from now on.  So, how am I going to do this, research and use the tools, I now have available.


need ~ a condition requiring supply or relief

want ~ To desire greatly; wish for

This tells me, a want is a “wish for” and a need is to supply or relief.  This helps some.  I am old enough to know the difference between a wish and to supply my basic needs (food, shelter, warmth, clothes and a form of transportation).  But how do I learn the difference between a wish or want that is not pleasing to God.

More research ~ I used my book understanding the bible from A to Z.  I looked up money, frugal, need, wants and read several scriptures in three different versions of the Bible.  Nothing was giving me the tug needed to say, yes this helps me until I came upon the word ~ prudent.

Proverbs 22:3  A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions.    The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.  (New Living Translation)

This pulled at my heart strings.  I know how to be frugal but prudent is a whole new way of looking at wants or wishes.  Here it is, I am being told clearly by the Word of God ~ if I go blindly on a WISH be prepared to suffer the consequences.  Frankly, I don’t think it could be any clearer.

Thank you, God for the tools, I have to understand what you have intended for me.  Let me listen and hear you, when I need to say “yes to God” and “no, I don’t need this, I only want/wish this”.

May I continue to seek out your word and your ways, as I journey through the life you have designed just for me.


2 thoughts on “Want or Need ~ Need or Want ~ Listen to what God is saying

  1. 6briggs says:

    Love love this…I am the same way with my wants, I do good but when I’m bad I’m BAD….. then I pay for it. Praying for you !!!

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