#Amazed when God used me!


There was a moment in my life when, I had all the plans ready to move to Colorado.  I found myself wanting to leave NY and escape the life I had here.  I had always wanted to move out west, since I was a little girl.  My dream was to own a horse ranch and ride when the sun came up and then when it went down.

I had met a very dear person while she attended school here in NY, she happened to be from Colorado. She finished her schooling and went back home to her roots, asking me to come out and visit. Finally, I did and I fell in love with the entire state. There was something that pulled at me and made it feel as if I was truly home.  It was then I decided to start on a quest to move there.  I began to network and search for a job.

I met a man and we became the best of friends.  We talked all the time and I went to visit him several times and he me.  I ended up falling in love with him.  The plan was a “year” I would give myself a year to find a job and move out there.  During our friendship, he revealed to me, his father and he had grown very far apart.  He actually did not even like his father any longer.  We would talk for hours about his reasons and I could see he was hurting deeply, he was an only child.

Then one day, I finally met his father on one of my trips out west.  At first, I was scared and nervous.  I had heard so many things about what was wrong with him and how bad of a person he was, that I expected the worse.  Well, I met him and he was nothing of the sort. He was an older gentlemen, who was very much set in his ways.  He was very strong willed and just like his son.  The two were a pair. They clashed and fought so much because they were exactly alike.  It was uncanning to see this and it became very apparent to me, I needed to mend these two souls.  I didn’t know how but I felt God’s calling.   I wanted more than anything to see these two grown men become a father and son relationship.  A son who could look up to his father and a father who could be proud of his son.  Over the year, I spent time listening and encouraging both of them.  I would ease thoughts into their paths which allowed them to view things slightly different, than what was really happening. For so long, they could not see beyond the hurt, they had lost the love of a father and son.  It did take time and God’s strength and love for me to endure the two of them. But I continued to encourage both of them to see the best in the other, instead of the hurt that was felt.  Then at last, my last visit out west and I could see, the bond becoming stronger, the hurt was finally subsiding.  I was thankful and very grateful to have seen this cherished moment between them.

As the year past, I was suddenly taken by surprise a change in my health.  I prayed and prayed about moving to CO, as I finally had landed a job and had plans to leave in only a few weeks.  Finally, I heard God say, “not today and this is not the path, I want you to take”.  I surrendered completely and did not take the job, the man I had fallen in love with and the dream of moving out west.  I stayed in NY.

As time continued the man and I finally rebuilt our lives without the other and pressed forth on new paths.  We talked but less frequent. Then I got a call, a call to tell me, his father had died of a massive heart attack.  During the year of getting to know his father, I was aware of his heart condition.  This was yet another reason, I felt so urgent in getting their relationship repaired.

I know we have no promises of a tomorrow. I know it is about today and to cherish the day.  I was sad and happy too.  I know God used me in their lives to help repair this bond. Now the son, holds dear memories of his father that last year together.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.’ (NIV).

Thank you God for allowing me to be used to bring their relationship back to a bond of a father and son. How amazing it is to know I was God’s plan, I was at the right place at the time in my life to be used for such a rewarding experience.  I was and still continue to be be truly #amazed.

Isaiah 30:21

‘Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, This is the way; walk in it.’ 


7 thoughts on “#Amazed when God used me!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Father and son were so blessed to have you in their lives when they needed someone like you!

  2. Missy says:

    How encouraging to be able to see, this side of glory, where God used you! Thank you for sharing this story of Yes to God with us!
    🙂 Missy (Prayer Warrior Team and FB Small Group Leader)

  3. Vivian says:

    WOW!! I love how you could see it was a season. Sometimes we don’t know why we feel a pull in one direction and all the sudden it goes away. You were meant to be the peacemaker! “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called sons (in you case daughters) of God” Matthew 5:9 … That #amazed me too!! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. amandacl says:

    Truly an amazing story! It is also amazing that you could so gracefully accept it when God would not let you move, but His plans are perfect

  5. Such a powerful story! Thank you for sharing your heart with us. And what a blessing to know how you had given the man the gift of restoring his relationship with his dad. I’m #amazed, too! =)

  6. shirleypdx says:

    Brenda: What a joy to read and share in your blog. This week has truly been #Amazing! Because of your radical obedience to #Yes God, we are blessed and encouraged to say #Yes God even when we #Say What, our #Palms Up with freedom and power (Ps 31:10,14-16,19,21).

  7. Thank you for sharing your awesome story how God used you to restore a father son relationship because you said Yes to God with radical obedience. There is a time for everything, how often we forget God brings people into our lives sometimes for a season, and then we go our separate ways. Blessing as you continue your journey and listen to God’s prompting in your life.
    Marilyn V (OBS Group Leader)

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