I said YES ~ Secret Prayer Sisters



This online bible study, the book and Lysa have encouraged me to be a “YES” person.  At the end of our Sunday School year, we were all asked what would you like to see or do for the following year.  Being new to this church, I brought up the idea of the “Secret Prayer Sisters”.  Many had not heard of this and wanted to know more, so I explained how the program worked at my last church.  It appeared to be well received and then I heard the underlying ~ who will take on this role of facilitating.  At the time, I only made the suggestion.

Well, since June, God has been tugging at my heart.  Brenda ~ you can do this program and lead it with success.  You have the means and the knowledge to carry this out and reach members in the church. For reasons I don’t understand,  many ladies of my church have not become involved with our Adult Sunday School Program.  This just might be a small way of connecting these ladies.

Of course, I need to research and be sure I can develop this program.  My goal is to get 50 ladies involved at my church.  Why 50, because we celebrate our 50th Anniversary at church this year and 50 is a magically number.


Research:  meaning of secret

secret: not know or seen or not meant to be know or seen by others.

Research: what does the bible say about unseen

Matthew 24:36

“But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.

Just as we do not know when Christ will return, the Secret Prayers Sisters will not know who is faithfully praying for them throughout the program period.

Just as the online bible study, brought about many many prayers to many Sisters of who we did or did not know, I believe each and everyone of us were touched in several astounding ways and ways we have yet to comprehend or see.  I want this to happen with my 50 sisters in my congregation.  Just imagine 50 ladies in the same church, praying and encouraging each other in their walk of faith.

I am proud to be a “YES” girl and overjoyed # I said Yes.




#freshvision ~ From the eyes of my cat ~ Paris



I have returned from my vacation and have found a comfort of self-renewal.  As I ponder on this photo, I think it’s cute but also see it as, a vision of me.

Upon my return, the laundry of a weeks worth of clothes needed to be washed, the bathroom needed to be cleaned and the carpets needed to be vacuumed.  It is amazing how much cat hair can accumulate in a weeks time.  With the washer and dryer humming, the dehumidifier droning and the vacuum buzzing, I look up and see Miss Paris France (my cat) trying to hide from it all.   How many times can I relate to this………. hiding from it all. Hiding from the noise, from the hustle and bustle of life, hiding from taking a good look at my finances, hiding from God’s calling, hiding from taking a good hard look at my life and where I am in the midst of God’s wonder, grace and love.

Going away for vacation and returning, allowed me time to rejoice in my blessings and meditate on my life.  I have come back with a sense of renewal with my spiritual life, my financial life and my professional life.

vision ~ the ability or an instance of great perception

I have come back with a fresh vision, of where I need to head and how I need to get there. I am setting up goals for the next three years both short and long. These are attainable goals and ones I feel strongly that God wants me to accomplish.  I honestly believe with this online study and taking a vacation alone;  I have allowed God to strengthen me and I have heard him tell me where I need to go.  Will it be easy ~ no.  Will it bring me out of my comfort zone ~ yes.  Will it end up being rewarding ~ yes and yes and yes.

Luke 1:37

For nothing will be impossible with God.