Day 6 Isaiah’s vision and calling

1) Saw the LORD sitting upon his throne

What do you think you might do, if you saw the Lord sitting upon his throne?  It’s hard to imagine not alone have a clear vision, but we do know Isaiah 6:5 tells us – Isaiah reacts strongly and does not feel at all worthy. 

2) We can read the Lord was:

  • high and lifted
  • his train filled the temple
  • the posts moved from the seraphims
  • the house was filled with smoke

3) We read in 6:5 – not only does Isaiah feel unworthy but Isaiah knows the people are unworthy.

  • Are you in a situation where you do not feel worthy?  
  • Do you find yourself around people who are also feeling unworthy? 

Definition of worthy:  deserving effort, attention or respect. Worthy can mean – righteous, moral, good, ethical, high-minded, upstanding, principled, exemplary, law-abiding, irreproachable, blameless, guiltless, unimpeachable, honest, reputable, decent, noble and respectable.

God uses Isaiah to further his own good. Isaiah hears God’s calling and goes.

  • Have you heard God’s calling?
  • Have you answered?
    • “Hear I am; send me”. 

Song: Here I am Lord

Chapter 6 has loaded us with many ideas and thoughts to ponder.  Let us take a moment to pray and get out hearts right with the Lord.

Can you hear God calling? 

In Chapter 12 of Genesis verse one Genesis Chapter 12:1 we read about Abram’s calling.

In Deuteronomy Chapter 21:23 Deuteronomy 21:23 we read about Joshua’s calling.

In Acts 26:16 Acts 26:16 we read about Paul’s calling on his way to Damascus.

Are you listening?

Do you hear God’s calling? 

Satan is always making you feel unworthy and not capable of God’s calling, but look at the blessings you will receive if you just listen and go. God loves each and every one of us and needs us to further his will.

Thank you for joining me on Day 6 of studying the Book of Isaiah.  I look forward to your comments and thoughts. Keep listening. 🙂




2 thoughts on “Day 6 Isaiah’s vision and calling

  1. Really ministered to me me today! Thank you! Chanel

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