RevofKindness – The Phone Call


It was the phone call you do not want to get. I was studying my bible for my deeper knowledge of God’s truth, when the phone rang.  I picked it up to hear, “I am in a dilemma and need your help”. I continued to listen, my heart starts racing and I waited for the entire story before asking questions.

This is week 2 of the Kindness Challenge: The Phone Call

Week 2 exercises- Pick at least one of the following to help you incorporate this week’s focus in your life:

  • Look for kindness in your family and friends (what are ways that you hadn’t realized those in your inner circle show kindness towards you and others?)
  • Look for kindness in acquaintances (at work, restaurants, places you visit frequently)
  • Look for kindness in strangers (at the store, the gas station, the gym, the park etc.)
  • Take notes of the kindness you witness
  • Take pictures of the kindness you see
  • Come up with your own way to observe kindness around you

It was my mother and she had fallen and needed stitches in her right pointer finger, 4th ring finger was broken and needed stitches as well.  Her hand was so swollen from the fall, she would have to wait at least a day before the broken finger could get stitches.

The dilemma was a planned trip to Virginia to see their grandson graduate from high school. Until she saw the orthopedic surgeon, she didn’t know if the trip would take place. If it was still happening, she needed someone to pack for her trip.

My brother had already planned to drive from Virginia to Central New York, to pick up my parents for the festivities and graduation ceremony.

As I waited for another phone call, finding out if the trip was on, I prayed for healing and good news about the doctor visit. I received the call, the surgeon was able to stitch the finger and the trip was still on.

I finished out my work day, took the bus home, feed the cat and changed my clothes before heading over to my parents.

Once I got there, I noticed another truck in the driveway. I entered the kitchen and was introduced to a young man on crutches. He was the man who was going to take care of the farm while my parents were in VA.  However, he had yet another surgery, from a previous accident, trying to rectify the problem and was not able to help as much as they needed. He told my parents, he had a friend who was willing to help out. Much to my surprise, he was willing to come with his friend and still help with small tasks while hobbling around on his crutches.

My mother stood by the counter, my eyes grew bigger, my throat tightened and my stomach started to do flip flops. I was viewing the damaged right hand for the first time. It was black, blue, yellow and double the size of her left hand. The stitches on her pointer finger was clearly an indication the pain had to be almost unbearable. However, the broken ring finger with the jagged stitches was making my stomach turn with disgust.  This finger looked raw and almost like a piece of chewed meat. She told me it bled for a very long time and it throbbed throughout the day and night. I quickly gave her reassurance the stitches and swelling was looking normal and the pointer finger would heal very nicely.  I mentioned, I didn’t think the ring finger would look the same once it was healed; but it would mend and that was the most important factor.

We headed up stairs to start the packing.  I was getting anxious about packing for her.  You see, my mother is very detailed about almost everything she does.  She is organized and most things have a place to go and not to go. She was raised when shirts, pants and socks had a certain way to be folded.  Even though she raised me, I was not so sure I would pack up to her standards.  I have traveled many a times, packing for me is getting the most clothes in your luggage possible.  I began and asked questions but all I heard was “however you want to do it, it’s fine, just as long as we get it done”.  To my delight, I packed the way I normally would for myself and she was more than happy.  My anxiety was gone and my heart was relieved.

Th next day, I called her in the early morning.  She was doing as well as one could under the circumstances. My brother was picking them up by 10 am for the long road trip to Virginia.  I wanted to be sure she knew I was coming over again, upon their return, to help in whatever way needed.

My character is one to help others and be there when needed, it’s something I don’t ever even give a thought about; but when I see this in others I am pleasantly encouraged.

It was the young man on the crutches not complaining and still wanting to help.  It was my brother leaving Virginia early enough in the morning to pick up my parents and be back on the road again to Virginia, to arrive in time for his son’s lacrosse game. It was for his son, to see his dad and his grandparents enjoying and cheering him on for three goals and a win. These acts of kindness are what put smiles on my heart.




9 thoughts on “RevofKindness – The Phone Call

  1. Niki says:

    Oh my gosh! What a week! Your poor mom! In glad she’s ok relatively speaking. I’m so glad that Serb in the midst of all of that, you were able to still find kindness. I’m so happy for you because it would have been so easy to get distracted or forget about it all together. How wonderful for your parents to have such a dependable helper even when he wasn’t at his best. Thank you so much for participating. I hope your mom recovers quickly and the pain subsides.

    • Niki, my pick of week two was not what I had thought it would be; but I found this to be enlightening as we don’t always know what life has in store for us. I don’t have TV or computer internet at home; and I was going to focus on positive news. I was going to try and take time to take pictures of kindness as well. I am going to continue week three with these two focus areas, as well as the third week challenge. 🙂

      • Niki says:

        I think that’s a great idea! You’ll find it will all start to blur together, there will be no distinction between one week and the next because it’s all meant to compliment one another and become part of your life. Feel free to incorporate it as you see fit! I look forward to seeing pictures 🙂

  2. Deb says:

    You are so right noticing and commenting on the others’ acts of kindness, we need to stop and notice and realize the effort of others and appreciate it! I hope your Mom heals quickly and the pain subsides soon. My Mom has taken 3 falls in the past few years, broke her wrist 2 of the times and her back the other. She is all healed now but it was quite an ordeal and she’s so afraid of falling again, her eyesight isn’t what it used to be and I think that’s a contributor to her falling. Hope they have safe travels and a wonderful time!! 🙂

  3. Ericajean says:

    Wow! (I am in Va by the way!), but your post touched my heart. I am so very sorry that your mom injured her hand, but as you pointed out, the random small acts of kindness add up to a very eye (and heart) opening week 🙂

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