RevofKindness – Miss Manners


Kindness Challenge Week 4 -Miss Manners

Week 4 exercises- Pick at least one of the following to help you incorporate this week’s focus in your life:

  • Make eye contact and greet people around you
  • Hold the door for the person entering behind you
  • Compliment 5 people
  • Say “please” and “thank you” often
  • Address a stranger by their name (server, barista, cashier, janitor, etc.)
  • Take something special to your coworkers (bake a breakfast, offer snacks, etc.)
  • Leave a bowl of water out for stray animals
  • Make a few care bags for the homeless (mini toothpaste, toothbrush, hand wipes, lotion, tissues, chapstick, a bottle of water, soft snacks, etc.)
  • Be a listening ear for someone, listening in earnest and not just to reply
  • Mow a neighbor’s lawn
  • Give someone a handwritten note letting them know you appreciate them
  • Volunteer a couple of hours of your time to a cause you care about
  • Find more ideas here, join me and sign up to be a RAKtivist!
  • Come up with your own exercise

Tip: Kindness doesn’t need to be reserved for special occasions, tallied or capped. You can’t spread too much kindness! The more you practice, the more it becomes apart of your lifestyle and the less you need to think about being kind- you just are.


Each morning and evening as I jump on and off the bus to work, I make sure I say “thank you”.   At times, I wonder does the driver actually hear me or does the driver actually sense I am being sincere.

I went food shopping this week and was pleasantly surprised, I received an act of kindness from an anonymous person.  I shop at a store where it takes a quarter to get the shopping cart and when you return the cart to the designated cart rack, you receive your coin back. Only this time,  the cart was free from the other carts. Meaning, I didn’t have to insert my coin to get the cart, as someone had left it for the next person to use.  I realize this doesn’t cost anything as you give and get back your coin but it was the idea of, what if I didn’t have a quarter or what if I was disabled and struggling to get my cart or what if I was an elderly person and just plain needed the help.  As I was leaving the checkout line, I smiled and told the cashier, “thank you”. I finished my shopping and decided to leave the cart free for the next person.  It was such a simple act, perhaps I could be of help.

My other act of kindness was asking a friend to take a walk with me. I know the friend has been struggling with several issues.  I know I could be an earnest listening ear, as Niki states above.  I wanted the chance to let my friend know I could listen.  I might not have any answers or even solutions but could be there as a sounding board. Unfortunately, she was too busy to get away but her sincere “thank you” was enough for me to know I had touched the friend’s heart.

Many times, please, thank you, your welcome and etc. can be said without meaning it or heard without acknowledging the sincerity behind it. This week I intentionally spoke words of kindness with full sincerity and a big smile.  It’s such a small simple act which can mean so much to both the giver and the receiver.




7 thoughts on “RevofKindness – Miss Manners

  1. So true…a simple “thank you” and/or an act of kindness can make a difference!

  2. Beautiful post. We can incorporate little acts of kindness into our every day living.

  3. Gary says:

    Lovely idea…leaving the cart free for the next person… Hope you don’t mind a random person dropping by and commenting. Niki’s kindness challenge has got me wandering all over to say hello to new people and hook up with fellow bloggers journeying on the challenge 🙃

    Thank you for sharing this and hope you don’t mind a new follower 😊

    • Hi Gary – glad you stopped by and took the time. I have been wandering all over as well. I have read some amazing, hilarious and beautiful posts that have certainly been a blessing and put a smile on my heart. ❤

      • Gary says:

        My pleasure…I’ve developed a bit of yen for blog hunting now…when I started in January it was scary looking at everyone who’s been here ages with vast followings and uber interesting posts…then I found out the actual bloggers are some of the most interesting and friendly people I know…and added bonus from ALL over the world….to say it’s made me feel much better about the world is an understatement of enormous magnitude 👻

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